Flick Note by Teragadgets

Store and syncronize your notes between your phone and computer with this simple, easy-to-use app built for compatibility with Simplenote.

  • Plain Text Editing

    Simple note writing. The first line of the note becomes the title, links automatically made clickable, text checkboxes are clickable, and notes autosave as you write.

  • To-do Lists

    For more control over lists switch to the to-do lists available in the paid version. Swipe to cross off an item, press to rename, and long press and drag to reorder items.

  • Advanced Note Filtering

    Display only certain tags, filter out a tag from showing by default, or pin important notes to the top of the list. Plus from the note list you can easily get a quick glance of notes that have yet to sync and notes being shared with friends.

  • Widgets

    The contents of a single note or all notes with a given tag can easily be viewed from your Android homescreen using the widgets available in the paid version. If you use ADW Launcher or LauncherPro it will even be possible to scroll through the entire note/list from the widget.

Version History

Version 4.1 July 26th 2011

  • New Checked off items in the to-do list automatically move to the bottom of the screen.
  • New Help document can be accessed from the Settings
  • Fixed Attempting to view previous versions on a brand new note crashed Flick Note.
  • Fixed Unable to turn on List Mode on a brand new note

Version 4.0 July 22nd 2011

  • New To-do list support added to paid version
  • New Ability to sign in with multiple accounts
  • New Set tags window can add new tags
  • New Sharing support
  • Fixed Untagged notes count now displays in tags list
  • Fixed Note created in airplane mode deleted on sync
  • Misc Contact permission added to allow for autocompleting contact names when attempting to share a note

Contact us

You can also send us email at support@teragadgets.com. All fields are required.